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!IMPORTANT! "I Still Get Demented" Halted

Production of "I Still Get Demented" has been suspended until my outstanding bills get paid.

To help me pay my bills and to resume production, please donate cash using the donations buttons above today!

I Still Get Demented Show

"I Still Get Demented" is a showcase of music and sketches in the forms of music, spoofs, sketches, parodies, sendups, fake commercials, stand-up, filk, pioneering comedy and more.

"I Still Get Demented" has been on since January 13, 2003 as that name, with a pilot called "The DFSX Fun Radio Show" that aired as a prototype to test of the scheduling feature on the DFSX stream on December 16, 2002. It began on a now defunct stream on live365 and originally ran until July of 2007, then resumed with new episodes in October of 2009. In January of 2012, it moved from DFSX (which soon closed its stream) to Mad Music Dot Com.

"ISGD" features new comedy, weekly subjects, a closing song chosen by the host and other features that deem attention.

Two shows got spun off into their own shows from "ISGD". In its first year, it featured Tyrone Kahn's "Comedy Corner" segments monthly before getting its own show in 2004 on DFSX. In 2004, "ISGD" had a top three funny song requests feature for a few weeks, then in August of that year, it got its own weekly show on DFSX as "The DFSXRadio Top 9 Of The Week" beginning with the August 9 edition; in January of 2005, it expanded into the "Dementia Top 20" and ran under various incarnations, streams, and even hosts (the second and last was DJ Particle since 2008) until December of 2015.

As of 2017, "ISGD" pre-begins with a 18-minute "Pre-show" with talk about the show and sometimes some rarely played funny music, as well as random things like demented celebrity birthdays, fundraising campaigns and other stuff that's a better fit for this segment.

Parts 1, 2 and 3 are the main parts of the show as we play weekly subjects, new songs, a closing song chosen by the host and other features.

The ISGD Bonus Part runs 10 minutes and are for radio affiliates to insert anywhere space needs to be filled on their schedule and not necessarily a part of ISGD.

The host, D.T. (just plain D.T.), was first shown a reel-to-reel tape recorder from his sixth grade teacher Mr. Smith and, imitating Ed Sullivan as Ed Zingity, "hosted" his own shows on tapes as he introduced stories read from books lent from the local educational supply center used by teachers for learning materials used in classrooms. Among the books read were those authored by Dr. Seuss and a few books about Curious George.

When he got a cassette tape recorder, he put together his own "Fun Time" shows as he taped some segments from television and introduced them as the "Zingity" host he created. Trivia: "Zingity" as based on the Ed Siminian chimpanzee host from the TV show "Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp", whose sound clip is sometimes heard in one of the opening montages.

D.T.'s comedy influences include watching Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In, Flip Wilson Show, Sonny and Cher, Zoom, The Electric Company, Carol Burnett Show, NBC's Saturday Night Live, Second City Television, Bizarre, MAD Magazine, radio's "The Dr. Demento Show", radio's "The Comedy Hour", American Comedy Network, Bob Rivers Comedy Corp, Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40 and more.

To listen to ISGD, request songs, send mp3s, support the show, and more, please select a link below.

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